Saving gmail as pdf

Once Pressed, you will loose formatting but you will be able to save your Gmail full page conversation in multiple pages in the form of pdf,

Changing Destination Type to Save as PDF

Cons of saving Gmail as pdf:

  • Formatting Loss: You can loose formatting of your gmail when downloading gmail conversation through print method. As you can see in image above, formatting is little difficult to gmail native formatting and is causing readability issues.
  • If you are trying to save entire page in pdf and then trying to convert it in full big chunk of image then finding the right tool would be highly difficult or would require usage of image editing skills such as Photoshop or online editors which would take a lot of time and skills.
Here is an excellent tutorial for downloading full page gmail screenshot from us, through which you can easily download your Gmail conversation of many pages length in the form of one big image without hassle of downloading extensions or anything extra.


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