How to integrate photon2 with gaming engines

To integrate Photon 2 with gaming engines like Unreal Engine or Unity, developers can follow specific steps outlined in the provided sources:

Integrating Photon 2 with Unreal Engine:

  1. Compatibility: Photon Fusion 2 is compatible with Unreal Engine for C++ based projects


  2. Setup:
    • Only Unreal 'C++' projects are supported for integration.
    • Unpack the Photon SDK of choice in the 'Photon' folder inside the 'Source' folder of the Unreal project.
    • Modify Photon headers to address incompatibilities with Unreal headers.
    • Add appropriate Photon API headers to project sources


Integrating Photon 2 with Unity (Photon PUN):

  1. Configuration:
    • Login to your Photon account and create/configure the game.
    • Obtain the App ID from the dashboard


  2. Setup:
    • Import Photon Unity Networking (PUN) into a new project.
    • Register for a free Photon Cloud account or use an existing App ID.
    • Call PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings() in your code to connect to Photon


These steps provide a basic overview of how developers can integrate Photon 2 with gaming engines like Unreal Engine and Unity to enable multiplayer functionality in their games.

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