( Application Process and Requirement in 2023 ( minimun10,000 page views per month )

I was checking website which were developer oriented and when I saw ads they were neither from ezoic or google ads either instead they were new brand of ads which only promoting developer products and were on website with good domain authority, so I thought it would be interesting case study to apply and share with you.
Qualifying Requirement:
Well Application process was pretty simple you goto, this specific link and apply here as publisher if you have atleast 10,000 page views per month.

Thanks for reaching out for inclusion in Carbon. Unfortunately, at this time it appears that your publication does not meet our network requirements:

  1. Publishers must have audiences in the design or development niches,
  2. Publisher audiences must be made up of visitors from the United States, Canada, and other predominately English speaking countries.
  3. Publishers must have audiences that generate a minimum of at least 10,000 page-views per month.

Thanks again for your interest and for applying to Carbon. We invite you to re-apply in the future once your publication meets the above requirements by submitting the required screenshots from this page. Application for website with less then 10k Monthly page views Rejected

Heads Up:
So far yes they were right that I have monthly page views less then the number they are showing. I will probably apply again when my viewership increases!
And Once they approve I will come up with real screenshots of earning and income reports for you guys to check its performance hopefully!


Yes Smaller publishers would have to become bigger players with more page views before applying for this ad company.


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