Case Study: My Earnings Increased 300% after Using as html5 gaming publisher

The Challenges of Monetizing HTML5 Games

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Flash to html5, Build Up

Little about me, I am game developer back from golden age of flash gaming where ad banners were sold for 200$ per day from publishing sites like marketjs and game licesnses were sold from 500 bucks per game (Site lock-One per website) for non exclusive license,  to 5000$ for exclusive rights.

Then flash become obsolete over time and until it died in hands of modern day browsers. Now all flash games cant be played directly but as swf files and are no longer supported directly to be played on web.

Revenue Sharing Platforms:,

Right back in 2013 new up rise of html5 games took place. There were many websites that were dealing in exclusive and non exclusive liceneses of games. And game developer were not yet sure as they would be to able to sold any licenses or not  and un surity always leads to risk and hence loss.

To address that issue, the new trends of platform like gamdistribution came to know where game makers were payed in form of revenue sharing, rather then direct selling of exclusives.

Game Distribution is excellent platform when it comes to provide free testing for your game, however after working for some time, when it come to actual juices that how much are making through great games then you will be astonished to know, that they along with other big html5 gaming publishing companies pay almost nothing.

Yup you heard it right, they will take your hard work and even go ahead  to ask with custom change request, exactly to there needs (stupid ad integrations, no ad mediation, and most importantly less revenue).

Now coming back to another big name in web gaming industry, yes you heard it right its, now lets talk about how much have they payed for the game which uses there ad platform, where they tell about how developers are going to make 50% of in game ads.

And this is the report, yes you can see google ads being served on there platform but it comes to there revenue share policy, they give you notoriously nothing. And after doing ad integration of one game for second

"Mr Ankit" there publishing manager ghosted out on me.

And I kept wandering whether there was something wrong with the game or something similar.

Income Reports and Comparison

Income report sharing for my games that I have uploaded there platforms and how much I have earned,

Just to give you an idea for previous month, for traffic from tier 1 countries to tier 3 countries this is how much they payed me,
13k ad Impression - 3$  Revenue
75K ad impressions, 35 Euros Revenue
30K ad impressions, 0.04872$ Revenue
13k ad Impression - 60$  Revenue

But well, then from YouTube video luckily I found monetag publishing platform, which ecpms were ground and netted me some good profit just from some of my games. They provide more in depth analysis of your traffic, and have many ad formats, the one I like the most is new url type ad which opens up in next window, and there is very fast to integrate.

Revenue increase after integration: (Nearly 20 Times More)


Ad Network Ad Impressions Revenue 13,000 $3 75,000 €35 30,000 $0.04872 13,000 $60

Ad Impressions 13,000 75,000 30,000 13,000
Revenue $3 €35 $0.04872 $60
A ads Impressions on banner (Report) impressions per Operating system:

Chrome OS getting quite popular and performing best among other OS for ad impressions! Demographics for

Demographics comparison in relation with ecpm

Demographics for and country wise report of where my traffic is coming from A Better Platform for Monetizing HTML5 Games and hope for html5 gaming industry

If you are game developer and you are thinking to get your game promoted to get more reach then always find the suitable publishers in web space, which actually cares about your earnings too such as as in my case, helped me boost my income upto 3-5 times with there amazing open in new window url ad tag.

Unlike GameDistribution,, which are looting heard earned money from developers try to find better html5 gaming platforms.
And i am speech less for, you can see in stats how are they performing and man, when good ad serving companies start neglecting small publishers then these kind of companies come to surface, which are only looting hard earned money

Reach to me:
If you want to use my services to increase your game revenue, and want to make additional money from your games then please write me an email at "[email protected]" and I will make sure you have best ad serving, for your games and would work with you to make most out of your games!


I would love to see this gaming platform develop into separate game publishing company, better then previous html5 publishing platforms who take life out of developers.


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