A-ads.com Review (0.04$ for 30K banner impressions with no clicks)

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But well in case you are still wandering I made amazingly 0.04$ for 30K impressions, yeah you heard it right, life is hard for people but how hard it can be is the case this endeavor fits in.

A ads Impressions on banner (Report)

Build Up:

I had experience using this A-ads company for my 720x90 space of banner, I heard about them for some forum of internet marketers, and had website where  I was getting direct traffic of 10-20 Vistors per day from backlinks from previous games.

So I thought to myself why not test, and share with viewers how there ads perform and my oh my what a bad decision that was. Now when I got little time free from my gaming projects and thank fully to youtube streamers from Pakistan like Afan, which were making videos about getting quick money from facebook pages and what not directly to there Adsterra account( Even though they are abusing notification bar alert thing, and many viewers reported there ads as malcious, indepth review coming in another post and would render this post out of context, if I keep changing focus topic) and earning around 30$ per day from adsterra alone and the kids were 21 years and less and giving amazing content was already very moving for me.

Long story short, I had some traffic to spare and putting A-ads highest paying banner ads and the results were shocking, now I dont want to use any bad words but you get the idea!
Minimum payout:
By default minimum payout is 25$.

a ads minimum payout by default set to 25$

Sketchy Bitcoin Payment Terms Used for confusing publishers:

They could have told in US $ or any similar currency that human mind can understand but they choose to put it in "bitcoin", so first thing you do is get calculator, count all those stupid zeros that keep on increasing and people with eyes problem can just hope they count it right.

Back in 2014 or even few years back there were many ad companies whose minimum payouts were above 50$ like infolinks or so and bloggers first timers would post 5 to blog post and then be like nothing happened and after year or back they would check back and for there 5-10 blog posts they would only get 5 to 10$ max, and minimum threshold would always been stuck forever. That sums up story of how some of these ad companies are abusing minimum threshold limits to abuse work from small bloggers.

Also not back in days getting ad approval from adsense was difficult, especially coming from third world country where there is still no PayPal to date, people would actively look for other ad companies hopelessly but they could not find any premium ad companies.

Now a days thankfully Ezoic, MediaVine, Newar Ads along with some other names have taken there place and fills that adsense gap effectively and not just that many youtube streamers mostly uneducated that cant even speak enlgish properly are getting adsense approval by posting helpful content or sharing jobs in the form of website where people find valuable content or through facebook pages.

All these revenue streams have some potential and if combined in proper systematic way might help ranking the websites effectively on search engine results pages.

Golden Era for bloggers and future of A-ads.com:

With the advent of chatgpt, AI tools, you can generate content a lot faster, and availability of number of premium ad companies have increased significantly in favor of bloggers.
So soon it will be evident publishers will stop working for these spam companies that donot pay or that do not have ethics to set the correct rate for hard work that publishers put in. And when there is injustice then it shall be understood they are meant to leave!

Never going to use A-ads.com

I would say bye bye to A-ads.com and encourage you all to put negative reviews of this company in google reviews and trust pilot, so less publishers fell victim to this.

Share your story:

If you have your own story with this ad network that you want to share or have different opions then feel free to share your opinions here in comment box below. And If story is I get I would make sure it gets share along with fellow publishers!


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