Adsterra Review By One of Users

Here is the honest review of what kind of impression your user is left with after he sees adsterra ad,


I encourage all players of this to be aware that every refresh of this page I get a warning message from my antivirus, that gives me a warning that a Non virus malicious code has been prevented from downloading.

I have made a report to unity and I encourage all players to use an abundance of caution. As I am unsure exactly what this malicious code is or where it came from, however every time I refresh the page it automatically tries to download.

So I encourage all players to take and abundance of caution and to be aware that malicious code could be downloading without your consent and for context will not be reported as a traditional virus. However I also encourage you, as in recent days I have seen fishing scams appear all over popular game pages on unity and while I have tried to report many of them.

It seems to take a while for them to go away. So I encourage you to not click on links in these pages offer any service of any kind. Or any links ending with a redirect or "/" at the end with nothing after it. And furthermore beware that these links and others may install malicious code on your computers that the standard operating system securities will ignore.

As these will likely also be targeted directly to students or others on there school computers right now. And I also played computer games at my local school and I encourage you that if you open up this page to please alert the school or other body that malicious code is being downloaded silently from this page on this site.

And while I am no security expert, I have some limited experience in cyber security and a background in the detection of disinformation, fraud and many common scams and deceptions. And have been taught by my father among others about how to detect suspicious behaviors, and many common online scams.

As he has had more than fifteen years working with software, computers, It and security and hacking. As he has helped me with security concerns and built my knowledge base (even though that is not necessarily my specialty as focus more on the psychological side of deceptions, however and furthermore to bring me back to the point at hand) I have detected a suspicious, silent download that my antivirus software has assessed as malicious.

And while I do unity has a hobbyist, mainly for fun. (Although to make this credible I should have cited my sources, qualifications, that of my fathers as well with numerous references, as that has been nagging at me for a while now, however I honestly don't want any shady people reading this to know to much about me which is why I refrained, apologies to the reader).

Anyways since I am writing this here are some additional tips.

  1. Do not open up phishing emails or any links in emails. As even if your bank or Netflix or however don't open that link. Often times its best to not even open the email. Never use the information they give you on or inside the email. ALWAYS, always call the company such as Netflix or your bank in this case with there number (not the one in the email). Don't be afraid to call and ignore any time limit or timer or anything on there. That is a tactic in order to pressure you.
  2. Be wary off of site links or links in general, epically by ones which have using containing numbers or no user content. (scammers are probably going to totally make there profiles and bots more convincing now, but you know we should at least try).

Things with more user are generally safer (by like 5%, because you know they can just bot up the user count to something absurdly high, also there are almost 40k plays (40,000 that figure might become outdated).

Anyways the best way to be safe is probably not open any links or services you see offered to you. Like I swear, seriously I see so many of these stupid fishing scams. Its always great deal, free software, some free service or something, or just a link sometimes to something. Don't open it, also lots of time older people get more scams, so if your older, please do not open links you get in emails. And ALWAYS, make sure that the companies name that sent it, or the person is spelled 100% correctly, I cannot tell you how many people have got emails from the bank or something only there bank has an apostrophe or a lowercase or upper case or dash or any symbol where it should not be and then opened the email only to find out it was malicious. So please be careful of opening up any links (also scammers will also pretend to certain agencies and organizations).

3: Do not give out your personal information under any circumstances to anyone online. Not even the name of your favorite pet or anything like that. Unless you know them in real, if you online you do not know them and they don't know you. So ALWAYS remember not to give out personal information online or billing or credit card information to unreputable people.

(also side note, unity could you please do a bit more about this. I don't know if there are any plans to address these issues, I would figure there our but in the case there aren't for the well being of your users, please add some. Also please find some way of making all the user better informed. I would provide my guidance help or assistance free of charge and also in a more professional format, I know I haven't really showed that since I aren't feeling all that great today, but excuses aside I apologize for my current lapse to the unity team in being unable to address this issue in a more careful and meaningful manner.

As I apologize for my unpreparedness, as I was not expecting to see any malware today, especially on such a reputable site (well fairly reputable minus some of the users, especially in recent months) and my greatest condolences. And I especially apologize for my hesitation to report such matters and events. As I have also noted that my webcam has been accessed without my operating systems permissions and I was somewhat hesitant about speaking out. As I was worried that someone may have been watching me, as my antivirus barely alerted me.

And since then I have shut down power to my webcam and have disabled it. As I am aware, that is no excuse. And my rights of a citizen of the united states and of the world and beholding the god given rights of freedom and choice. That I should at all hesitate in the fulfillment in the rights and responsibilities afforded to me by the united states. Namely the responsibility to protect the united states, its citizens and there freedoms and interests. And I callously hesitated and put forward my own selfish interests of preservation ahead of the American people. I only hope that I may be forgiven in the spirit of good will of all peoples.

And I can graciously be forgiven, for hesitating to do what is right, even if it was not that easy under the belief that my identity may be know by other unwanted parties. But I swore an oath to my country and its flag, an oath to never abandon the American people no matter how hard it may seem. As I would do anything that doesn't violate my moral code to help the American people. I give my sincerest apologies to unity, its team, and of course the American people (just had to say)).

I thank you for you time and encourage you to be aware of these scams and problems, thank you, also to sum up, opening this page will prompt a request for download of malicious code, so please be aware of that and be aware that you computer might be compromised (sorry I am something of a wet blanket, although that doesn't mean your computer has any less secretly downloaded malware).

Also if you're a kid, please report this to your school (I don't know if they can really do anything, but at least they will know there is some malware). Also be safe online and remember not to let your computer be compromised. Also I wish unity had a way of detecting this better and responding to this better. There are probably thousands of compromised users. And as far as I know, no one until me spotted and reported this problem or even caught this was a security risk with malicious code.

Also be careful of scams and shady online assets or speculative trading or non-refundable unbacked currencies. Many of them are scams and many assets of those types have disappeared. Also, there are many shady digital assets, and I would not be doing my due diligence unless I better informed you. As always, be safe and have fun (also unity if you're reading this, make sure when looking for the virus to have an expert do it, as had it not been for my antivirus, it would have gone right through most of my security.

I know that seems kind of obvious, but make sure you not Wich one of your computers have opened this page and viewed this. Sorry if I seem patronizing, but I always am to committed to informing people.

Also dose anyone ever even read the reports I send you guys. Since it seems take a while for the phishers, robots or scammers to disappear.

Sorry it just really annoys me that a site that is used by so many people and used to be trusted but now I cannot really give unity play my trust, after find hidden malware and all. And yes I know I ramble a bit and go on and on and I over explain sometimes, but like come on guys this has become a huge problem, as I see so many games being invaded by all these fishing scams, and by the time anything done about it, there's another one in its place doing the exact same thing.

And I want to learn and develop games and publish them here, however I don't feel comfortable with the idea that my game I made for fun could be used to take away and scam other people. As I don't know how they put malware on this game, that's all beyond me, just getting it to run already challenges me. But I mean its not fair to you or me, you losing so much trust and then me having other people try and exploit people through a medium of fun.

As I honestly don't know if unity play is a safe platform anymore after this, especially with how many play this has got. And whether the malware was some how inserted into the game or the site itself. But honestly it just annoys me, that there all these people being exploited without even know and that malware probably dose who knows what.

I am pretty sure its malware as my software says it malware and it tried to secretly download on my computer, and so I figure it must be malware. And my operating system couldn't detect it so, it must be fairly sophisticated.

I am sorry I know I am rambling so I promise I'll wrap up soon.) Anyway the long and the short of it, is that this webpage has tried to secretly download malware on my computer (see above) and I don't like it and wrote down a lot of stuff about how I don't like it and you can avoid scams and things and how I've got a decent grasp on things and weren't feel none to right today.

Sincerely me and I am also sorry for ranting and rambling on so much, as I have been here for hours writing this so I could inform you everything you need to know, even though I feel like I just barely scratched the surface of the ice big.

Thank you for your time, and for reading through this all, and I wouldn't be surprised if you had to scroll down to get to the end of this. I just really hope unity or some one reads this and then dose something about this, thank you, I did what I could even if it ain't (maybe I should say isn't instead but who cares anyway) much, but hey at least I went and tried. Thank you once more and I promise I am going to stop writing now, thanks.

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