cpm-ad.com Review in 2023 as publisher, Crazy Low 0.005USD ECPM, 400 $ Payout Limit #Scam

ECPM: 0.005$

Payout Limit: 400$

Rating: 0/5 Stars

Tier Level: Scam

Traffic Testing Days:

I was trying monetag.com ads and then with my some free traffic coming from my games thankfully, I wanted to test some ads companies which were easy in accepting as live traffic without monetization is just waste of servers resources.
Finding Adswikia.com (which seems to be wiki of ad companies, but later found out they were just full of garbage ad companies self promoting there ad companies with fake rankings), So I thought It would not be bad idea to test and yes here are the numbers, hope you guys trying to test this ad network would stay away from this scammy, waste of time kind of company.

Earning Proof: (Testing Proof as publisher With real results)


Stay away from this ad network at all cost, and if possible report it and get it blacklisted from search engines, to save bloggers future,

Extremely High Pay Out Limits 400 $ For Company That have ecpm of 0.005$
Extremely Low ECPM OF 0.005USD, Unrealistic


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